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  Therapeutic Luxury Handmade Soaps  
  Introducing the new LUXURT line of soaps which make your body butterly beautiful. These soap bars are a luxurious, healthy alternative to ordinary mass produced chemical soaps.
  Our handcrafted soaps, are sure to make every :body” happy! They are created using
Ancient Indian Ayurveda Recipe’s. Each soap has its own special character: but all are mild,softening, and great for dry, sensitive skin, oily skin, eczema, rashes, acne.
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  Recycled Paper Products  
  We don’t even throw paper or ecen the cotton waste! We simply collect it, mix it with other bio- degradable wastes amd mainly paper, and then RECYCLE! These products are purely hand made from recycled paper and 100% Cotton waste.  
  Ranges include items such as
pen stands, memo pads, wall
hangings, phone books, carry
bags, utility cases, letter
holders, photo frames etc...
Can be customised.

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