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Ranging from crisp woven formal shirts to regular and casual knitted tees , our men always stand tall and handsome. Super soft and luxury khadi pants are soon on the red carpet !
Non toxic , non chemical, soft, plushy garments are every child’s dream..
We welcome all sorts of customised prints , patches, screens and designs for oyr little darlings !
Smart and sassy clothing from formal, regular, casual, activity or even yoga wear has been our forte ! Printed , handblockes, hand embroidered designs are also created
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  Our Certified and super compact knits at ADYA are known for thier quality. Single jersey, Double jersey, Interlocks and Ribs are our evergreen running species ! Made to order special knits are always welcome.  
  Organic Cotton , Bamboo and blends are tried and tested. Hemp is happily being worked upon in labs !  
  Organic Cotton and Bamboo weaves are soft to feel and wear.  
  Hand woven Organic Cotton , also popularly known as KHADI is painstankingly hand woven by scores of employees on traditional handlooms.  
  FAIRTRADE is our most favorite mission  
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